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Acid Proof Lining Material

We offer Acid Proof Lining Materials such as mortar, bricks, primer, etc. They are hard-wearing and durable products designed to withstand the expected exposures. These products are ideal to be used in highly corrosive applications as they are resistant to strong chemicals and acids. These Acid Proof Lining Materials are widely used in different applications in commercial, residential and industrial sectors owing to high strength and durability.  
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Acid Proof Bitumor Mastic

Acid proof A special graded acid proof bitumen is mixed with inert crushed rock aggregate to form an acid proof asphalt mastic floor that is ideal for chemical laboratories and plants, storage battery buildings etc where acids are used or manufactured.

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Acid Proof Bitumor Primer

Bitumor primer is a special primer made up from solutions and powder. It is extremely repellent to alkalis and acids. It is available in the pattern of a black powder which can be implemented to a concrete surface to

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Acid Proof Bricks

Price: 17 INR/Piece

Acid Resistant bricks are special form of masonry bricks which are chemically resistant and thermally durable